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So, if like me, you love musicals, but hate the price — here is what I do to make buying the tickets sting a little less.

Purchase tickets before the general public AT LEAST 15-20% off the regular price through EventUsher! You just have to know the secret password. Which I’m going to share with you :)


  1. Go to EventUsher
  2. Use the password: SUNDEVIL
  3. Choose the shows and dates you want and order your tickets. (I highly recommend Tier C STUDENT RATE for the best bang for your buck. See what I think of the balcony over here.)
  4. That’s it! The deadline to order at the reduced price is August 9, 2010 (before they go on sale to the general public and all the good seats get taken!)

The password is geared toward ASU faculty & staff (Go DEVILS!), but they never check for ID (even when you buy the “student rate” tickets).

I’ve done this for the past few years with great success (and savings!!). Tony and I pre-ordered our tickets last year, and we saw some great musicals, including Wicked, Phantom of the Opera, and In the Heights.

As an example, Tony and I purchased discount tickets for In the Heights last year through EventUsher. My girlfriend also bought tickets in the same section (Tier C), through Ticketmaster a couple weeks before the performance.

My (Discount) Rate:
Tier C STUDENT RATE Rows 1-5 on the side: 2 @ $30.50 = $61.00
Cost to watch: $12.20/hour per person

Her (Normal) Rate:
Tier C, Grand Tier, Rows 6-8:  2 @ 49.50 + $5 Ticketmaster service charge per ticket = $109.00.
Cost to watch: $21.80/hour per person

So that’s a total savings of 44%!!! We got great seats at an even greater price!! I was worried that the student rate tickets “on the side” might be less desireable, but they were soooo much better than balcony, and we weren’t too far off from center since we bought tickets so early.  The view was fantastic for what we paid! If you pre-order through EventUsher, you don’t have to pay a  pesky $5 service fee to Ticketmaster. Plus, you don’t have to worry about a show selling out since you’ve bought tickets before the general public.

It looks like the prices have gone up a little bit from last year. With the pre-order discount, the cost of tickets in Grand Tier (Tier C student rate) is $33.50 per ticket on a weekday, or $13.40  per hour.   Still a money-dense activity, but totally worth it for me.  Gammage is like my adult-version of Disneyland :)

7-Show Season Ticket Package
Also, everyone can pre-order 7-Show Season Ticket Packages through Ticketmaster right now (no special code required).  For comparison, the weeknight price in Tier C is $267 per package, or ~$38 a show.  So, it’s still a better deal to order individually through EventUsher. Plus, you get to choose which shows you want to see and aren’t limited to a package.

I’ve already seen a few of the shows in the ’10-’11 season line-up, and none of them are really my favorites (am I the only person that isn’t a big fan of Les Miz?? Ugh, and don’t get me started on ABBA).  But I think we’re going to go ahead and pre-order Fiddler on the Roof, 9 to 5, Hair, and Shrek.  Maaaaaybe Young Frankenstein and Beauty and the Beast if Tony’s up for it.

I’ll end the post with a few of my Gammage tips:

  • If you do buy seats in the balcony, I highly recommend going to the desk on the left (right after you show your tickets, next to where they pass out the Playbill) and requesting a pair of amplified headphones for the hearing impaired. You just have to give your ID in exchange for the headset, and they give them out to anyone that asks.  In fact, since I am a little hard of hearing (I’m the annoying person that requires subtitles on all movies), I do this EVERY SINGLE TIME I go to Gammage, no matter where I sit.  It makes my experience there so much more enjoyable when I can actually hear every word. I forgot to do this at Wicked, and the audio was off that night – the orchestra overpowered the singing, and I missed waaay more of the performance than I would have liked.  Still enjoyed the show (one of the most visually stunning traveling stages I’ve ever seen!), I just need to see it again to get the full experience!!
  • Parking can be nuts on event nights, and the lot immediately surrounding Gammage is usually filled up unless you arrive SUPER early or have VIP tickets. I recommend just heading straight to the parking garage that I’ve marked with a star in the map below (click to enlarge).  I usually take Apache Blvd, and turn north onto Union Dr, follow it around as it turns into Orange St, and the entrance to the parking garage will be on your left. You can’t miss the signs that state “free event parking.”

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