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Peasant Food

Sorry for the lack of posts lately…not much time to do much of anything other than work and travel lately.  My sleep schedule is totally out of wack.  But I’ve been eating well!! Check out my free lunch in Hudson:

The full spread:

The lunch choices were either steak or lobster & steamers (clams). This was a recognition lunch provided by Indizzle.  Just for reference, our last recognition lunch in Chandler consisted of pasta and salad. Those Hudsoners don’t know how spoiled they are!!

I then proceeded to order Lobster risotto for dinner. Lobster twice in one day? Yes please!! We ate at a very nice Italian Restaurant called VIA in Worchestire (pronounced “Wooster.” Silly New Englanders with their silly pronunciations.) VIA is a sister restaurant to The Sole Proprietor, another restaurant which I’ve heard excellent reviews about.

Apparently lobster was once considered peasant food in New England, because it was so readily available. I was told you can get it on sale for $5-6 a pound easily. I was also told that back in the day, servants and prisoners were fed lobster so much that they had to put it in their contracts that they couldn’t be fed lobster more than twice a week.  I don’t care what anyone thinks, lobster is a treat for this land-locked desert girl!!

I think the last time I ate a whole lobster was in Santorini, Greece, when I studied abroad back in 2000 (wow, that was a long time ago). My roommate and I “splurged” and had a huge several course lobster meal for something like $20 a piece. We had this breathtaking view of the sun setting over the Aegean sea.  Back then, spending any more than a $1 for a gyro WAS a splurge!! But you can’t put a price on that view. I need to go back to Greece :)

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