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Just when I thought things couldn’t get more hectic.  I’m going to be a 2nd homeowner in 2 ½ weeks! 

I submitted an offer back in March on a short sale for a rental property, and I was informed that the bank accepted the offer yesterday. The bank wants to close by June 30th. Eek! Lot’s of work to do before then. It seems like just yesterday when I was doing all this paperwork on my own house (when it was exactly one year ago!) 

Thank goodness for my *amazingly awesome* mortgage broker, Todd.  After my first mortgage purchase with him, I can’t rave about Todd enough. He’s lightning quick. Last year it took TWO WEEKS from the day I contacted him to the day I closed, and that included the 4th of July (holiday) weekend. Plus, I closed one day EARLY! This was after being given the runaround for 2-3 weeks by my first lender.   

In an industry where the majority of everyone comes off like pushy used car salesmen, I’m so fortunate I happened upon Todd. He actually has a lot of Intel customers, but I just happened to find him through a Zillow quote request online. His quotes beat everyone else’s that I received, plus his was the only non-automated response.  Todd’s also been in the business long enough that HE KNOWS HIS STUFF. He talks about the numbers like he’s an engineer (vs. just trying to get me to lock in on whichever rate makes him the most money). He also has my best interest at heart, unlike all the other shady mortgage lenders that just want to make money off of you.  The final closing costs on the HUD statement matched his GFE exactly (well, mine actually differed slightly because I chose a lower PMI provider, which saved me money in the long run — but he gave me that choice).  I can’t say enough good things about Todd, quite honestly (and after being TOTALLY SCREWED by the first lender I ever worked with, I can’t stress how important it is to find a good, honest lender you can trust.) 

I don’t write reviews that often, but I’ll rave about those people/services I feel very strongly about. Obviously. :D

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