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I loooove today’s deal of the day on Jasmere. Reusable glass straws! Currently, you can get a $35 voucher to Strawesome for only $14, or as a sidedeal, you can get a 4-pack for only $11!! And remember, the more people that buy, the more the price drops!

I actually just purchased a set of four reusable glass straws for myself — at a different online vendor — at full price! Ouch! I’ve been eyeing these puppies all over the blogosphere for some time now.  They seem to be the new environmental craze, much like “reusable bags” – everyone is getting glass straws since they’re good for the environment, and they make drinking fun (and what little kid wouldn’t love to drink out of a fun decorated straw?!) Best of all, they’re dishwasher safe, made from super-strong glass and are guaranteed against breakage!

And, let’s face it, they are just so dang pretty that they’ll impress all your guests (and I do love to entertain).

Shipping is $3.95 for orders up to $35 – so if you choose the 4-pack side deal, you can get a set of four straws for $11 + $3.95 = $14.95!!!! That’s half of what I paid for my set! So bummed.  Oh well :) I love ‘em anyway!

P.S. – get the 9.5mm size straws if you order, the 12.7mm are for mondo mouths (or really super thick shakes).

Hurry, you have till the end of the night to get in on this deal! And don’t forget, the price could still drop!

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