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House #2 Update

I close on my rental property tomorrow morning. I am rather pleased with how smoothly everything has gone, considering it’s a short sale. I opted to reduce my upfront costs by choosing a higher mortgage interest rate in exchange for a lender’s rebate (negative points). The seller (the bank in this case) also agreed to pay 2% toward my closing costs in the contract. As a result, my final closing costs came out to only $144 more than my down payment – making this essentially a no-cost/no-fee loan. I’ll probably devote another post on my thought processes behind doing that and give a breakdown of the actual HUD-1 statement.

Since I’ve been rather busy lately, here’s some random highlights from this past week:

  • Trader Joe’s accepts manufacturer’s coupons! Apparently they always have, and I just didn’t know it. Sweeeeet. I almost shop exclusively at TJ’s these days for my groceries.  It’s hard not to, when I live directly across the street from them. Most items I buy are TJ’s generic brand, but I will have to keep an eye out now for any couponable items.
  • I found some July 4th liquor rebates at Fry’s with the same terms as the Memorial Day rebates. I already sent off my extra Memorial Day rebate to a reader {hi Lindsay!}, but if you happened to make a liquor purchase on the last two days of the Fry’s B1G1 for a penny sale, then you can use this July 4th rebate form (it’s good on purchases made after June 14th). Let me know if you need one, I have a few extra.
  • I got two FREE Harkins Theatres tickets in the mail this weekend, thanks to my friend Jacob pointing out this SD thread. Right now you can order two Harkins tickets for $8.07 through CityDeals.com (a great deal on its own). For some reason though when I entered just 1 and went all the way through checkout, the final total ended up being $0.  They arrived in the mail a few days later! $0 for two tickets shipped! Awesome!  I told my gf to order some, and her order also came out to $0, and she still hasn’t received hers so YMMV.

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  1. Jacob says:

    Ya I still have not got my tickets yet ;( Pretty awesome you got yours :)

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