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Hello From Boston!

Tony and I are strolling about Boston for the weekend before I start work on Monday.  Tony somehow figured out how to tether my laptop to his phone (no free wi-fi in the hotel, boo), so I can post a few “teaser” pics…

We found this AMAZING alleyway with some gorgeous light, and got some pretty fantastic shots…

Two of my faves (click for larger view).

Tony the S-T-U-D:

Boston brings out the FIERCE in me:

2 Responses to “Hello From Boston!”

  1. Tom M says:

    Boston is where it all happened, Paul Revere and all. I went there several years ago and walked the self-guided red brick trail to see all the sites. That white stuff on the wall behind tony looks like sugar. Must be mortar from a maintenance job decades ago? Tony sent a message while waiting for plane. Sounds like you guys had a good time. Boston is pretty cool!!!

  2. Heather says:

    Yep, Tony and I walked the entire Freedom Trail too! Pretty cool to be in the center of so much history. I love the architecture, it has so much more character/history than anything in Phoenix. Next time we have to leave the city and hit the coast, there’s supposed to be some gorgeous areas like Walden pond.

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