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New to Swag Bucks?  If you sign up before May 7 (tomorrow) at 3pm EST, you can use the code SWAGNATION5 and you’ll get 50 extra Swag Bucks credited to your account!! Normally, they start off new members with 30 Swag Bucks, so hurry and sign up while the bonus is hot hot hot!

If you’ve never used Swag Bucks, it’s really easy.  Just sign up for a free account, and use Swag Bucks to search the internet (like you would use Google).  You will win digital dollars called “Swag Bucks,” which can be redeemed for all kinds of cool stuff like Amazon gift cards, cash (via PayPal), and music and sports memorabilia.

My favorite prize is the $5 Amazon e-Gift Certificate, which you can get for only 450 Swag Bucks. It doesn’t take long for your Swag Bucks to add up, and it’s free money.

This year, I have a goal to buy most of my Christmas gifts using Amazon gift cards that I’ve earned through sites like Swag Bucks and survey sites (activities which I’ve tagged “bored money”).  So far, I have $30 in gift certificates sitting in my Amazon account, and I’m close to cashing out for another $5 certificate.

I’ve found that searching the web is the easiest way to accumulate bucks. If you use Swag Bucks every time you would normally use Google, then you’re earning money without any extra effort! However, the search feature doesn’t produce quite the extensive results as a Google search, so I only use Swag Bucks if I’m doing a basic search (for a location or address or something with a simple answer).  The Swag Bucks search engine is also filled with sponsored posts, which means that your top search result will be whichever company paid the most money. It takes a while to get used to, but like I said, if you’re doing a simple search, you might as well get paid for it.

Since I was really confused at first at how to use Swag Bucks, I thought I’d outline all the different ways to rack up the bucks, and make it easy for any other newbies out there!

How to Maximize Your Swag Bucks Earnings:

Search the web. Log in to Swag Bucks when you need to search the internet. This is the primary way I earn Swag Bucks. You don’t “win” every time you search. It’s pretty random, but when you do “win,” you get a message like the one below (this week they’re giving out MAJOR swag, so I won 50 bucks for a search this morning!)  Every Friday is Mega Swag Bucks Day, meaning you can earn more bucks than normal (from 3-100 swag bucks per search), so you really want to amp up your searches on Friday!

Referrals. Refer your friends, family, and blog readers to Swag Bucks, and as they earn Swag Bucks, so will you (up to 1000 Swag Bucks per referral).

Download the Swag Bucks Tool Bar. I have the toolbar installed on my laptop, and I seem to win 2 or 3 swag bucks from the tool bar everyday, just for having it. I’ve found that the tool bar is a good visual reminder to do Swag Buck searches, since I’m pretty programmed to go straight to Google for everything. It has a nice Swag Bucks tracker that lets you know how many SB you have in your account. There’s also messages from The Swag Guy right on the tool bar, which sometimes have special toolbar codes for free Swag Bucks.

Shop through Swag Bucks. If you’re planning on making any online purchase, check to see if you can shop through Swag Bucks.  It’s similar to other cash back shopping portals such as eBates ($5 bonus), Mr. Rebates ($5 bonus), and BigCrumbs, except that they give you Swag Bucks instead. You earn 2 Swag Bucks for every $1 you spend.

Trade-in your old stuff. Trade in your old cell phones, MP3 players, video game consoles and video games for Swag Bucks.

Complete special offers. You can sign up for limited time special offers to earn guaranteed Swag Bucks, or view the no-obligation offers for a chance to win some Swag Bucks. The offers are usually for things like Netflix or DIRECTV, so be sure you really want to try these services, and that you read all the small print before committing to anything.  I pretty much avoid these, but let me know if there are any gems I’m missing!

Swag Hunts and Swag Trivia.  It pays to connect with Swag Bucks on Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, and the Swag Blog.  The Swag Bucks folks like to conduct Swag Hunts (scavenger hunts) and hold Twitter Trivia contests on Thursdays for the chance to earn more Swag Bucks. If you submit a prize photo, they’ll hook you up with 10 Swag Bucks every time you send a prize photo and users can send a maximum of 5. I still don’t Tweet (yes, I’m a Twitter hold out!), and I haven’t found the time to participate in a Swag Hunt (they sound fun though!), but I do catch a code for free Swag Bucks on the blog from time to time.

Daily polls. A new feature was recently added, where you earn bucks for participating in the current daily poll. I just participated in today’s daily poll for the first time and earned 1 swag buck for my response. You can also submit a poll idea to the site and earn 100 Swag Bucks if your poll is featured.

Whew! That’s long! I hope that helps you go earn some Swag!!

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