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Right now when you invite a friend to Florida, they’ll receive a credit for $25 off any Southwest Airlines flight!

Click here to invite a friend to Florida and send them a $25 Southwest Airlines credit.

The $25 credit is good on any roundtrip ticket from June 1, 2010 through December 1, 2010. The ticket must be purchased by August 1, 2010. The code is only valid on “Wanna Get Away” fares, which is fine by me, because that’s the cheapest fare!

When you send your friend the invite, your friend will receive a total of two emails. {we all know your friend will be you!!}

The subject for the first email you’ll receive is “XXX has invited you to visit Florida!”

When you click the link in that email you will go to a page where you can request the $25 code. Once you do that you will have to wait a week or so. You will then get another email that has a subject that reads “As requested, here is your $25 discount code!”

It took exactly 7 days for the email with my code to arrive. There is no restriction on where you fly (I checked and it worked on a Portland/Phx trip). It takes $25 off EACH ticket, so if you’re purchasing multiple tickets this is a really good deal! A family of four could save up to $100 off their tickets.

I’m thinking this will come in handy when we start booking holiday travel. Right now, Southwest is only accepting reservations through Nov 5, 2010, so we’ll have to wait a bit to price out holiday travel.  Don’t forget, you have until August 1st to use your promotion code, so even if you don’t have any immediate travel plans, it’s worth signing up for a code!

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