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Save for College the Smart Way!

Have you signed up for Upromise yet?  Did you know that you can download eCoupons at Upromise? The eCoupons are loaded directly to your store loyalty card (think Fry’s, Bashas, Safeway, and CVS for us AZ folks), and when you buy the item the coupon value is loaded directly into your Upromise savings account. As the savings accumulate in your Upromise savings account, you can request the balance in the form of a check. For more information on Upromise, you can see my previous post here.

Here are the Upromise eCoupon basics:

  • The redeemed coupon does not come off your bill. It will be added to a Upromise savings account.
  • You can add as many or as little coupons to your account as you want.
  • You can stack the Upromise coupons with manufacturer coupons, store coupons, and sales.
  • The list of coupons changes every month, and it doesn’t hurt to download them at the beginning of each month just in case you purchase one of the items.
  • You have to link your store loyalty cards to your Upromise account for the savings to register.

    Go HERE to sign up and download your eCoupons for the month of May.

    For example, you can earn $0.50 by purchasing Wacky Mac at Safeway this week.  With the internet coupon you pay nothing out of pocket, and 50 cents gets deposited to your Upromise account! Summer barbecues are just around the corner, so time to stock up on wacky mac for fun pasta salads ;)

    $1.00 Wacky Mac at Safeway
    -$0.50 IPQ at coupons.com (you can go to my sidebar and scroll through the coupons and print directly that way)
    -$0.50/1 Wacky Mac Multi-Shaped/Colored Pasta Upromise eCoupon
    = $0.50 MoneyMaker

    Sign up for Upromise today and start saving for your child’s education.

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