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Heads up to all those coveting my LoveSac:

It’s time for the annual LoveSac Memorial Day Blowout Sale! This week only we’re featuring killer deals on a customer favorite: Black Velvish Sacs! Velvish is by far one of the softest and richest fabrics in the line. With a velvety-soft hand feel, and deep suede-like nap, it is far more resilient and stain-proof than traditional velvet, and thicker and loftier than MicroSuede.

For anyone who has ever wanted a genuine LoveSac, this is possibly the best sale we’ll have.

Looks like you get free shipping too. 

I bought my LoveSac insert on Craigslist, but I did buy a brand new microsuede cover at the AZ Mills store during a Labor Day sale.  If buying a “used LoveSac” creeps you out, now might be the time to purchase a brand new one. Take it from me, hauling a 6′ already fluffed sac is a real PAIN, so free shipping to your house would definitely be nice.

Here’s my LoveSac in action at a recent dinner party:

Those are some content boys. Errr, excuse me, men. (They’re also single, ladies…And very eligible ;) )

4 Responses to “LoveSac Memorial Day Blowout Sale”

  1. Trini says:

    I think I took that picture! :)

  2. Jacob says:

    $500 for the smallest beanbag they sell…

    I would rather have a new couch :)

    mine is starting to sink too much.

  3. Heather says:

    Yup, they are definitely a serious investment. But as every lovesac owner knows…they’re worth it :) And they do hold their value well.

    My lovesac is far more comfortable than any couch I’ve ever owned…esp for watching movies. It was amazing for my fibro, which normally acts up when watching movies. It’s just too bad I’ve graduated from grad student to adult and it doesn’t exactly fit in with the grown up decor/lifestyle :P I need a rec room!

  4. Jacob says:

    I Hear you, its more for the dorm room than the house :)
    But you have a good point about resale value, I bought a couch it is now sinking as is probably worth very little.

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