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Happy 24th Birthday to my {little} sister!

That’s her chowing down on her red velvet birthday cake for breakfast ;) I don’t think it lasted long, lol.

And happy BIG 3-0 to my cousin Tiff! Tony and I drove up to Durango for the weekend, so I get to celebrate her birthday at her bonfire this evening. We’re having a blast so far! I love spending time with my Colorado family, I have no idea why we don’t do it more often.

2 Responses to “Happy Birthday Stinky Butt”

  1. Hannah says:

    Dearest Sister,
    Thank you for the B-day wishes! Also, thanks for making me pose so it looks like I was eating the whole cake!! I seem to remember having at least a little bit of help! :)

  2. Tony says:

    Yes, I helped as well… Remember that piece *I* asked if I could have after you left? Well I didn’t get to it fast enough… grrr

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