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Ack. Lately, I’ve been feeling pretty mediocre. Like I’m doing a half-ass job at everything, without really accomplishing anything. I think I’ve burnt myself out, by trying to be too much and do too much. So lately I’ve just trailed off…

I have all these big ideas swimming around in my giant noggin. I want to start a garden. I want to paint my house. I want to build furniture. I want to get rid of all the clutter in my house & garage. I want to find a fitness routine I can actually maintain (is that even possible?). I want to find a work/life balance. I want to actually enjoy my work. I want more time with my boyfriend. I want time to prepare healthy meals. I want to cook every recipe in my brain and on my bookshelf. I want to become a better photographer. I want to become a better girlfriend. I want to become a better blogger. I want a vacation that I don’t have to plan every painstaking detail for. You know, a real, honest-to-goodness vacation.

I want, I want, I want. There are so many things I want to accomplish, but I can’t find the energy to do any of them.

Sometimes I get so overwhelmed by life, that I don’t get anything accomplished. I get so stressed just thinking about the amount of work involved, or how I won’t live up to my expectations, that I pretty much set myself up for failure every time. It’s pretty disheartening. I hate being a perfectionist.

This post from the mnmlist really gave me the reminder that I needed.  I can’t change everything at once. But I can take small steps. And they may not be perfect. In fact, I may falter along the way. And that’s all right.

the only thing you can change

You can’t change your entire life.
You can only change your next action.

You can’t change a relationship with a loved one.
You can only change your next interaction.

You can’t change your entire job.
You can only change your next task.

You can’t change your body composition.
You can only change your next meal.

You can’t change your fitness level.
You can only start moving.

You can’t declutter your entire life.
You can only choose to get rid of one thing, right now.

You can’t eliminate your entire debt.
You can only make one payment, or buy one less unnecessary item.

You can’t change the past, or control the future.
You can only change what you’re doing right now.

You can’t change everything.
You can only change one, small thing.
And that’s all it takes.

2 Responses to “The Only Thing You Can Change”

  1. tony says:

    we’ll do them together..

  2. Janelle says:

    I hear ya!!! Add on having a baby and you’ve got me. I feel exhausted, unmotivated and sluggish pretty much every day lately. Some days I feel like I’ve got a weight attached to my ankle and I try so hard to get things done, but in the end accomplish nothing. I’ve learned to prioritize my to-do list and do things that are most important to me and the things that are less time consuming, but will make me feel better. However, I believe in the end what’s most important is spending time with family and friends.

    If you ever find the answer to the endless to-do list, be sure to let me know!

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