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Switching Car Insurance

I’m currently in the process of switching over my auto insurance to the same provider I use for my homeowner’s insurance. From my initial quote, I won’t be getting too much of a discount ($248.09/6-months at Country Financial vs $251.23/6-months at All-State), but I will be getting Emergency Road Service in addition to my current coverage. This covers towing, locking your keys in your car, running out of gas, flat tire, etc. It’s like having AAA without paying for it! Pretty sweet!  This should give Tony and every other male on my speed dial some peace of mind ;)

I’ve also asked about a good student/college graduate discount, which I was told will only apply until I am 30. As if turning 30 weren’t already a major bummer, I’ll be losing my good student discount too! Boo!

I also noticed that they offer an engaged couple’s discount. Never knew there were incentives for getting engaged. Lol. I can see the proposal now: “Will you marry me, and switch to Country Financial so we can get a discount on our car insurance?”

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