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Have you won both your prizes from the Fry’s “Hit the Hoops” game yet? This is one of the best promotions I’ve ever participated in. On my account, I won a free pizza and hot dogs, which was just all right. But on Tony’s account, I won a $5 store credit, and just now I won ANOTHER $5 store credit:

Plus, Tony and I found out a trick with the $5 store credit.  If you go through the self checkout and do two orders at the same time, and scan the same card, you can actually get $5 deducted off BOTH orders!! We found this out accidentally on Tuesday, when I did my order, scanned his card, then he started his at the same time. We ended up both getting the credit off our orders for a total $10 savings!

I’m totally stoked that I won another $5 store credit, so we can do it again!

Make sure to give it a shot if you haven’t already! You can still enter to win through April 6th.

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