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Basmati Rice Explosion

I was just a little overzealous in making Basmati rice for an Indian dinner party a couple weeks ago.  My rice cooker was literally exploding with rice:

We barely made a dent in it! Luckily, in my house it’s never a bad thing to have TOO much rice. You can always freeze the leftovers or turn it into fried rice!

Here is what I did with my Basmati leftovers:

Chicken fried rice! This was actually the second batch, if you can believe it. For the first batch, I attempted to make a new Martin Yan recipe with some ketchupy sauce that was just plain weird and gave the rice an interesting orange-red hue. I much prefer my standard garlicky recipe sans weird sauce (pictured above).

Between Benihana’s and my Basmati rice eruption, I’m done with fried rice for a while :)

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