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2010 Tax Day Freebies

Before we get to the good stuff, I have some special tax-related advice on Tax Day:

If you ever owe on your tax return, and you e-file, and you choose to have the payment automatically debited from your account,  then schedule the payment at least a week before April 15th. Just to be sure!! That way, if your ACH transfer gets rejected or doesn’t go through for some reason, you still have some time to straighten it out without being hit with a penalty for paying late. Silly me, I thought “Oh, it’s better for the money to be earning interest in my checking account then to hand it over to the tax man early, so I’ll just schedule the transfer for April 15th, the LAST POSSIBLE DAY.” Oops. No room for error there.

I had a minor fiasco this week when I got a letter in the mail telling me that my IRS payment may be rejected. When I called the IRS payment hotline yesterday, they informed me that they had submitted a “prenote” — which is a $0 payment that they submit to your financial institution just to verify your account information — and it came back with “invalid account number.” My account number was fine, as it turns out. Apparently I screwed up by giving my old WaMu routing # instead of the new Chase routing # (hey, that’s the # still on my checks, and the # I use for my direct deposit, and it’s been working JUST FINE up until now!!!!).  So they sent me the scary letter telling me my payment MIGHT be rejected. Even better, they couldn’t cancel the payment or change the routing # since it has to be done at least 2 days prior to the scheduled transfer (nice of them to tell me this in the letter!!!). So I was told I would “just have to wait and see.” Neither Chase nor the IRS could guarantee that it would or would not work, just that it was POSSIBLE it might be rejected.  All of this heartache because Chase bought out WaMu, arrrrrrrrg.

Anyway, I just checked my checking account, and it looks like the ACH transfer is going to go through since it showed up as a pending debit. *sigh of relief*  I would have thrown a full-on hissy fit if Chase had rejected it.

Old WaMu customers: update your routing #  
If you’re an old Wamu customer, make sure you switch to the new Chase routing # for all your ACH transfers. The routing # that I was given is: 122100024. I think this may be specific to accounts set up in AZ.

Now for the good stuff:  
Can anyone say TAX DAY FREEBIES?!?!  Starbucks, Del Taco, Cinnabon, and many more, are all offering free goodies to help soothe your tax-savaged wallet.  For more details go HERE or HERE.

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