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Heads up Upromise members: Log into your account and download Turbosaver, a free online savings toolbar, before March 31 and receive an easy $2 BONUS savings.

I downloaded it, then promptly switched to “hidden mode,” and it hasn’t bothered me since!

If you’re not a member of Upromise, you can sign up here.  Basically, you accrue money towards college just by linking your grocery cards to your Upromise account. Whenever you buy a qualifying item at any grocery store and use your customer loyalty card, a few cents are automatically deposited in your Upromise account. You can also use Upromise as an online shopping portal, to receive cash back from your online purchases. I haven’t done anything with Upromise other than link my grocery cards since signing up in May 07, and I have $10.66 in my account. You won’t get rich, but it’s free, effortless money. If you buy a lot of big brand names (I don’t really), then you’ll probably earn more.

You can also have your family & friends sign up under your account and donate their Upromise earnings to you.  You can also split your earnings among different beneficiaries. For example, someone could set up their account to go to multiple grandchildren or nieces and nephews for future college savings.

You can also download eCoupons from Upromise directly to your shopping card that can be paired with manufacturer’s coupons for double savings! The eCoupons change monthly. For example, right now there is a $1 off any Huggies Snug & Dry eCoupon that will pair very nicely with any of the printable $3 coupons that are out right now. Just remember, the Upromise e-coupon does not take the money off your shopping order directly; instead it deposits the money into your online account.

The money in your Upromise account is meant for college costs.  You can link a Sallie May student loan account to your Upromise account and make quarterly payments. You can also make quarterly transfers to a qualifying 529 account or monthly transfers to a high-yield savings account by Sallie Mae.  Unfortunately, my 529 account of choice (Ohio CollegeAdvantage 529), is not linkable to Upromise. Not that I’m going to be requesting a payout anytime soon with my whopping $10!!

You can also request your earnings in the form of a check, which you can then use ANYWAY YOU WANT.  You could use it towards tuition payment, or your own student loans, or textbooks. Or invest it in your own 529 plan. Or….a shiny new bike trainer that you’ve been eyeing at REI. Just sayin’ ;)

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