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Is anybody else ready for the week to be OVAH? I sure as heck am. This week has been loooooong, and my allergies are totally bogging me down. Ugh. Here are some smokin’ grocery deals to help move the week along…

All sales are good through at least Tuesday, March 30th.

I need to stock up on body wash BADLY. I actually almost bought a bottle FULL PRICE last week! Oh no! I start to panic when my stockpiles dwindle ;) So this is the main deal at Safeway that stood out to me. (Plus it’s a moneymaker if you have Sunday coupons!)

Suave body wash
Buy 4 Suave body wash at $1.25 each (must buy 4 at a time, otherwise they are $1.99 ea)
Use (4) $0.50/1 Suave Body Wash product coupons (3/4/10) SS
Spend $5 (minus possible $4 in coupons)
Get two $1.50 catalinas good off your next order
= $2 Money Maker (with coupons) or $0.50 each (without coupons)

The $1.50 wyb 2 Suave catalina doesn’t end until April 18, 2010, so you have some time to round up some coupons!

Fry’s – All coupons are worth $1 this week!!

Scotch Brite single pads
Part of the “March to Savings – Buy 8, Save $4″ promotion
$0.49 each wyb 8 promo items (look for the tags that say 10/$10 before the promo)
Print $1 off 2 Scotch Brite HERE

Ronzoni Smart Taste pasta
Part of the “March to Savings – Buy 8, Save $4″ promotion
$0.79 each wyb 8 promo items
Print $0.75/1 coupons HERE, HERE, and HERE
= MAKE $0.21 each

Sunny Delight – on sale for 10/$10
Print .25 off 1 Sunny Delight HERE (all coupons worth $1 through 3/30)

Glad Ziploc bags
Buy 3 Ziploc bags starting at $2.49 each (prices vary by store)
Use (3) $0.40/1 any Ziploc coupons (3/21/10) SS (all coupons worth $1)
Spend $7.47 plus tax (minus possible $3 in coupons)
Get $2 catalina good off your next order wyb 3 Ziploc (good through April 20)
Send in for $5 rebate (limit of three per household for up to $15 back! Make sure to ring up orders on separate receipts if sending in for multiple rebates)
= $2.53 Money Maker (with coupons) or $0.82 each (without coupons)

While there are some fantastic deals this week with Sunday coupons, I’ve tried to highlight mostly deals with printables. I no longer get the Sunday newspaper, and I only hit sales that I really need nowadays. (Since I started working full-time, my time & energy to clip coupons went out the window. My mom is generous enough to send along multiple manufacturer coupons my way whenever a reeeeally good sale comes along that I just can’t pass up. Like the suave body wash!! I <3 my coupon-clippin’ mama!)

2 Responses to “Some Good Deals in Grocery Land Right Now”

  1. Trini says:

    What is a catalina??

  2. Heather says:

    Good question Trini! A catalina is a coupon that prints out of the machine next to the register. You’ve probably seen them, they’re those white pieces of paper that usually are triggered by something you buy. They usually have manufacturer’s coupons on them. The ones I’ve highlighted in this post are OYNO catalinas, or “on your next order” catalinas, meaning that you have to buy XX items and you receive a catalina for XX off your next order. Hope that helps!

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