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Fresh Vitamins in Mesa is currently test-marketing Heather’s Tummy Care products for IBS.  And if you shop at a local store for Heather’s Tummy Care products, you can get a 50% refund, up to $50.  You just have to mail in your receipt and this coupon. So go shop at Fresh Vitamins (at Baseline & Gilbert Rd), get a 50% refund, and help them to decide whether to carry Heather’s Tummy Care products for IBS customers all the time.  You can go HERE for the full details.

Heather Van Vorous is the fabulous author of “Eating for IBS,” one of my most-used cookbooks on my shelf.  I’ve actually met Heather in person when she did a book signing in Chandler, and went to lunch at Mimi’s Cafe with her and her husband.  She shares my love for ethnic foods (which is probably why I like her cookbook so much!), but unfortunately the Vietnamese restaurant I originally wanted to take her to was closed.

If you have IBS, colitis, dairy intolerance, or just a touchy tummy in general, then I highly recommend checking out the recipes in Eating for IBS, or checking out the IBS recipe exchange at Heather’s website.  I used to check into the forums daily when my IBS was more predominant, and the ladies there are super welcoming and supportive.  It’s definitely nice to “meet” other people with similar food sensitivities.  I’m more stable now, and I don’t necessarily follow all the guidelines or eat ONLY the “safe” foods that Heather recommends, but I think she provides a good starting point for anyone newly diagnosed with IBS or colitis.  I have several of her Tummy Care products, including her fennel and peppermint tea, and I pull them out whenever I have a flare-up.

Heather’s full line of Tummy Care products is also available here on Amazon.

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