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And the Winner is…

I want to thank everyone for voting for Mako in my last post!  I’ve been majorly swamped lately, so I’m sorry for not following up on the results of the newborn shoot giveaway.

While Mako did not win the grand prize, she DID win the $100 gift certificate!

Yaaay! She’s already been in contact with Holly, and she’s also arranged to have her 18-month-old included in the session (for an additional $25 setting fee). So yaaaay again! I can’t wait to see what her newborn photos turn out like! I’ll be sure to post a few when I get them =)

Speaking of Mako, here she is about an hour ago in all her pregnant glory! I figured you’d want to see who you were voting for =)

That woman is about to pop!! Seriously, she’s 36 weeks along, and she’s already 5” bigger in circumference than she was with her firstborn at full term.  I was amazed to see how big she is this time around. (And of course, she’s still teeny tiny everywhere else – and she’ll lose most of that weight in labor, grumble grumble grumble.)

I look forward to seeing baby Scottie in the hospital in just a couple more weeks!

(Dear Scottie, this is your auntie Heather speaking…please, oh please don’t come this weekend while I’m out of town! Thanks! xoxo)

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