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Save money this Christmas on eBay! Here are the four different ways to earn cash back on eBay purchases. And yes, they are all stackable – read on and I’ll show you how!

  1. Earn 2% in “eBay bucks” if you are eligible
  2. Earn 8% (or 20% for a limited time only) cash back through Bing
  3. Earn 3% cash back through Mr. Rebates
  4. Use a cash back earning credit card to make your purchase

It’s important that you do the steps in the correct order, otherwise it won’t work and you won’t maximize your cash back!

Step 1: Go to eBay and login into your account
First, go to eBay and login to your account. Click the box that says “Keep me signed in for today.” Then find the item you want to purchase and click “Watch this item.” This way, when you come back later you can just click on “My eBay” and the item will be listed under “Watching.” This makes it MUCH easier later on.

Tip: For maximum cash back, find an item with free shipping and no tax because you will not get cash back on the tax or shipping charges.

Step 2: Sign up for eBay Bucks if you’re eligible
The eBay Bucks program is currently in BETA, so at this time eBay is limiting sign-up to a random selection of invited eBay members only. Go to this link to check if you’ve been invited to participate in the eBay bucks program. If you have, sign up and receive 2% cash back on all your future eBay purchases. Unlike Bing, this is not instant cash back to your PayPal account. They’ll collect all your cash back earned over a three-month period, and give you a voucher that you can use toward eBay purchases only.

Step 3: Sign up for Bing Cash Back
First, you need to create a Bing account if you don’t already have a microsoft live or hotmail account. Go to bing.com, and click sign in at the top to create a new account.

Next, go to the Bing shopping page. Normally, once you sign in, you can just to go to the Cashback Stores list and click on eBay to earn your 8% cashback. A new window will pop up with a Microsoft 8% cash back banner at the top of the screen. BUT, RIGHT NOW YOU CAN EARN 20% CASH BACK ON EBAY PURCHASES. That’s right, I’m SCREAMING, because I want you to hear it! This is a great deal, just in time for all your Christmas shopping. There’s a trick to getting this 20%, though, so read on to find out how.

Currently You Can Earn 20% Cashback With Bing On eBay – This Won’t Last Long!!!
For a limited time only, you can earn 20% cashback on eBay purchases. The normal amount is 8%, so if you were planning on making any large purchases on eBay, you better act now! Here’s how:

  1. Go to www.bing.com and create a Bing account or sign in if you already have one.
  2. Go to the Bing search page.
  3. Go here to see eligible search words for 20% cashback.
  4. On the right hand side, you should see a link for whatever you just searched for, click it (it should read just below it, “Buy XXX. You may get 20% off with PayPal if eligible”)
  5. After clicking the link, it should take you to eBay.
  6. At the top of the screen, it should have the usual Microsoft cashback graphic stating the 20% and the usual “Must use Buy It Now and PayPal”
  7. Then, search all the Buy-it-now items and choose something to buy @ 20% off
  8. Seller must be based in the U.S. (the item can be shipped from overseas or from Mars, but the seller MUST be in the U.S.)
  9. Of course, you must use eBay’s partner in crime, Paypal to pay for your purchase
  10. Shipping costs are not discounted by bing, so it’s always better to find items w/free shipping so that your entire purchase gets ‘binged’.
  11. Remember, only 40 total Bing cashback transactions are allowed per eBay account, so choose your deals wisely!
  12. This likely won’t last long (maybe today only??), who knows?
  13. Buy now and often!!! Good luck!

Step 4 : Sign up for Mr. Rebates
Go here to sign up for a Mr. Rebates cash back account. If this is your first time using Mr. Rebates and you use my referral link, you will receive a $5 registration bonus just for signing up! (Note: Please use ayesha_115 AT yahoo DOT com for the referral address if you use my link! Thanks!)

Once you’ve signed up and logged into your Mr. Rebates account, click on “All Stores” at the top and search for eBay. You should see the 3% cash back next to the eBay link. Click on the link. A tracking window will pop up, and you will be directed to eBay. If you see the Microsoft Cash Back banner (from Bing) in the top of the new window, you’re golden! Congratulations, you are now double dipping on Mr Rebates and Bing cash back :)

Now either search for the item you want to buy, or if you added it to your watched items list, go to My eBay and find the item. Note: the item must have a Buy It Now option to qualify for Bing cash back.

EXTREMELY IMPORTANT: You must purchase the item in that new window that popped up from Mr. Rebates in order to get both the Bing.com and the Mr Rebates cash back. If you have let too much time expire, then your Microsoft cash back window may not appear when you go to eBay. IF YOU DO NOT SEE THE MICROSOFT CASH BACK BANNER, DO NOT MAKE YOUR PURCHASE YET. Go back to step 3 and start over. Click through Bing, then open another window and go through Mr. Rebates. Try to do it back to back as quickly as possible, so as not to let too much time expire.

Step 5: Use a cash back earning credit card
After selecting “Buy it Now” on the item you want, make sure to pay using PayPal. When it gives you the buying options, don’t use your available Paypal account balance. Instead, change your funding source to a credit card that earns points or cash back. If you don’t have such a credit card on file, you may have to sign into your PayPal account and add one.

Paypal makes you go out of your way to pay with a credit card. Payment by credit card is never a default, and unfortunately you can’t set it to be a default.

For small purchases on eBay, I don’t usually bother with the credit card option and just use my available Paypal balance. But for all big transactions (like my laptop), I highly recommend using a credit card for two major reasons. First, I like to earn cash back on my credit card. The second and most important reason to use a credit card is buyer protection. If for some reason you get screwed by a shady seller on eBay and you get a used or damaged item or NO item at all, then you can always do a chargeback on your credit card. If you pay using PayPal funds, it’s a major pain to file a claim through Paypal, and if the funds are no longer in the seller’s account, or they’ve closed it completely, then you won’t get your full amount that you paid back. I’ve never needed to use this option, but always want to protect myself just in case.

It Worked For Me!
I’ve used this method twice now to get double cash back through both Mr. Rebates and Bing. Both times, cash back posted to both my accounts. I also earned eBay bucks and made sure to purchase using a cash back earning credit card. It’s pretty simple, once you learn the correct order: sign into eBay first, then sign in through Bing, open a new window and sign into Mr Rebates and click through to eBay, make sure the Microsoft cash back banner is at the top of the screen, and then make a buy-it-now purchase.

I just did this myself on a rather large ($535) purchase. I received the 15% cashback in my Paypal account from Bing instantly, and I also earned $10.70 in eBay bucks. See the screenshot below. You can also see the Microsoft cashback banner with the 15% and “Must use Buy It Now” if you’re not familiar with what that looks like.

I also had the 3% cash back ($16.05) post to my Mr. Rebates account under “Pending Rebates”:

So from the first four steps alone, I earned a total of $80.25 + $10.70 + $16.05 = $107. That’s equivalent to 20% off my purchase! That doesn’t even include the points I earned on my credit card.

I hope this helps someone save lots of $$ with their Christmas shopping!

4 Responses to “How to Earn Quadruple Cash Back on Your eBay Purchases”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Perfect Timing!

    The bulb on our big screen popped saturday night… so it was perfect timing for an ebay purchase! I wasn’t a member of Mr. Rebates yet.. so I used your link, but I had to input your email address during registration, so I used the LiveJournal listed on your blog. I hope that works out for you. otherwise I would complain because I used your link with the referral id in it!

    Thanks again for the instructions.


  2. Heather says:

    Re: Perfect Timing!

    Hi kc! Glad that I could help someone out! That 20% on ebay really helps out! And thanks alot for the heads up, I didn’t know you needed my email address. I’ve updated the post with my email, and I’ll make sure to follow up with Mr Rebates if you don’t appear on my list of referred!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Thanks for Posting this! Fantastic post!


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