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China Bound

It’s official. I just booked my tickets to Dalian, China for Jan 8 – 20th. My first trip to China! I’ll be auditing a newly built factory for "operation readiness."  I am flying with a coworker, and we have a 2-3 day layover in Seoul, Korea on the way back, to hang out with some of his friends and sightsee.

My colleagues over there told me that the highs would be ~10°F.  Can we say FREAKIN’ COLD??!?!

This Arizona wussy is not prepared for those kind of conditions!  I’ve already ordered a parka online.  It’s actually kind of cute, considering it’s a parka.  But certainly not money I was expecting to spend this holiday season, that’s for sure. 

The company should provide some sort of "Winter Clothes" allocation for those of us that live in places where anything below 70°F is cold!!

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Have fun in China!

    I am from there and I wish you have a great time. It will be cold in Dalian (or say north china right now) so your parka will be very helpful. The shopping there (or in Beijing if you will go there) is amazing. You will find a lot of good stuff.
    Enjoy and safe trip!

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