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I’m so excited! I snagged my very first full-size Christmas tree off Craigslist. It’s a 9′ pre-lit tree from Paddock Pools…isn’t it purty?

I had resigned myself to paying around $100 for a used 9′ tree (yikes they’re expensive!), but yesterday an ad popped up for $50! I called on it immediately, left a message, and got a return call a few hours later…I was the first call-back! Woot! It must have been my super sexy voicemail voice that made him choose to call me first ;)

I was hoping for all clear lights, but for $50, I’m not going to be picky! I can also easily sell it on Craigslist for the same price, should I ever upgrade (so long as I sell it in Nov-Dec).

When we got the tree home and put it up, we found that a few branches wouldn’t light up. I could have easily just strung another set of lights on there, but I’m stubborn and wanted to fix the ones that came on the tree. I started out testing each light on the string, light by light, but that got old fast…then I turned to Google for a solution.

Meet my new knight in shining armour, Mr. Lightkeeper-Pro, available at a Target or Walgreens or Hobby Lobby near you:

Man, this little guy makes it SO easy to fix dead strands! I can’t give it enough praise! You literally just plug it into a socket, click a couple times, and then the strand lights up…then you replace any dead bulbs. This guy will come in handy for years to come! Plus, it has an ultra convenient storage organizer for loose bulbs and fuses.

Time to go decorate the tree!

2 Responses to “My Very First Full-Size Christmas Tree!”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Stephanie – is that you?

    Hey – that Paddock Pools tree is great! Are you the same Stephanie who wanted my 9′ Kirkland Signature? Just did a search on Yodlee and HSA’s and came up with your blog. Phoenix area people who buy/sell Christmas trees on Craigslist in the last week is a small group of people.
    I don’t post much, but my (financial) blog is http://www.pfunder30.com

  2. admin says:

    Re: Stephanie – is that you?

    Hi there! I’m not Stephanie, I’m Heather…but I’m glad you stopped by! Yodlee and HSAs are two things very near and dear to my heart :)

    The funny thing is, I remember seeing your listing for the 9′ Kirkland tree…and I remember it going fast :) It really is a small, pf-blogging, christmas tree buying world :)

    I checked out your blog and added it to my RSS feed – it’s nice to meet other financially savvy 20-somethings in the Phoenix area (eeks, I can only say that for one more year….)

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