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Meeting Pioneer Woman!

Yesterday I waited 5 long hours to get my cookbook signed by my blogger idol, Ree Drummond, aka Pioneer Woman (PW).  I think everyone there (including me) seriously underestimated her popularity.  It’s a telling sign of the times we live in when a blogger attracts such massive crowds.

Side rant: I actually got penalized for pre-ordering my book off Amazon. Changing Hands Bookstore gave out tickets to everyone who purchased the book there at the store, and made the rest of us wait until the end after they had all got their book signed. Not cool, Changing Hands, not cool at all. Consider myself a very disgruntled patron. Luckily I had Tony to keep me company.  Sweet, dear, innocent, supportive Tony.  He thought we’d "be in at 7 and out by 8." He was not alone, though. There were quite a few men there to support their significant others, and a handful waiting for their own autograph and photo op!

We showed up shortly before the event started, at 7pm. By that time, the masses had already arrived. We had to tip-toe to see beyond super tall shelves and amazonian women just to hear PW speak. She came across just as warm and friendly in person as she does on her blog, albeit a little nervous.

Here is PW’s sister-in-law, Missy, and her mother-in-law. Both are featured prominently in the cookbook and her blog. I overheard them discussing their height (which several people remarked on). Missy is 5’10” and her mother-in-law is 5’11”. These cowgirls have tall genes!  Maybe Hannah and I belong on a ranch somewhere?

Here’s PW signing cookbooks. Still smiling after 4 hours. Note all the used Sharpies on the floor.  

Here’s a very sleepy Heather and Pioneer Woman. This was taken shortly after midnight, after 5 hours of waiting. By this point, I was too tired to be concerned with my overall disheveledness. I also couldn’t come up with one creative thing to say. Oh well.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Wow Tony

    You waited 5 hours with heather! Thats Commitment!

  2. admin says:

    Re: Wow Tony

    Oooooh, Jacob, don’t use the “C” word!

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