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Halloween ’09

This year Tony and I dressed up as Care Bears for Halloween!

I was Cheer Bear:

From 10.31.09 Halloween

Tony was Grumpy Bear:

From 10.31.09 Halloween

No Care Bear costume would be complete without a heart on the butt!

From 10.31.09 Halloween

They were actually pretty easy costumes to make. Even if you have OCD and take hours to cut out perfect circles out of felt ;)  I ordered sweatsuits off hanes.com, and cut off the pockets to make matching ears. We cut our symbols out of felt and hot glued them on. Tony stuffed his tummy with some batting from an old pillow. His poochy stomach and cute little butt heart were quite the hit at the party.  Altogether, it probably cost me about $25 per costume:

Two sweatsuits off hanes.com: ~$26
Slippers from TJ Maxx and Payless: ~$13
Felt and thread from Michaels: ~$10

Seeing Tony in a blue Care Bear costume? Priceless.

2 Responses to “Halloween ’09”

  1. kledus says:

    wow…did you go out in public like that? if so…that’s love. way to go Tony!

  2. Heather says:

    He sure did :) He totally rocked the baby blue too ;)

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