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I haven’t gotten around to uploading my vacation pictures (big surprise, right), but Tony is on top of it! We went for a 5-mile round trip hike on the John Dellenback Dunes Trail near my grandparent’s house. On the way back, it was approaching sunset and we were able to get some gorgeous photos of the dunes. You can see Tony’s entire album here.

This is my absolute favorite photo of his. Unfortunately, this grass is actually an invasive species that is taking over the dunes.

This is a really cool action shot. That tear-shaped blob is sand sliding down the dune. A really tall dune.

I like how desolate this looks. It’s like you just plopped me in the middle of the Sahara.

Another cool sweeping view. There’s a pine forest on one side of the dunes, and a beach on the other.

This one is also quite striking. I love the lighting from the sunset and the long shadows. The footprints look like craters on the moon!

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