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My Visit With Corri

While Tony and I were in Oregon, we stopped by Eugene to visit with Corri and her family. Corri is one of my oldest friends from Camp Verde. I can remember being in Brownies with her, and going to her third or fourth grade birthday party. But it wasn’t until 8th grade that we really bonded and became best of friends.

I was especially excited to see Corri’s three kiddos. I had never met Charlotte, and I hadn’t seen Owen since he was teeny tiny. Samuel, the oldest, has gotten so big!

I’ve included a few pictures from our trip. You can see all the pics from our visit here.

Charlotte was all smiles and curls. That girl loved the camera!

From 10.11.09 Visit With The Halls

It was harder getting Owen to smile for the camera. He was sporting a grumpy face most of the day. This picture absolutely cracks me up!

From 10.11.09 Visit With The Halls

This is my favorite picture of the day. Samuel looks SO happy!

From 10.11.09 Visit With The Halls

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