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Steph from A Year of Slow Cooking was lucky enough to receive a brand new Samsung fridge for FREE. She’s now giving everyone else the opportunity to win a $200 Best Buy gift card (just in time for the holidays!)

You can enter the contest here. You just have to leave a comment saying which new Samsung appliance you would most like to have. Contest ends November 15, 2009.

My response? While I LOVE how quiet our current dishwasher (Bosch) is, my DBF hates loading it. Since he does most of the loading, I would gladly take a new dishwasher if it made him happy! I just find the missing tines extremely annoying, and I’m trying to find a way to buy some new ones online. But since it works absolutely fine, I don’t intend to replace it until it goes kaput. Or I win a random appliance lottery J

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