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It Never Hurts to Ask :)

I just called Cox to downgrade to the Value package because my two month special was up. I spent less than TWO MINUTES on the phone, most of which was trying to get past the silly automated voice (what happens when you don’t want to cancel or upgrade?? I need more options, people). The customer rep was very nice, and actually offered me a 25% discount to stay on the same package that I’m currently on. So for another six months I’ll be paying $35.21 for the Premier Package – which is only a few dollars more than the Value Package I was downgrading to.

The premier package is normally $46.95/mo. That onecall saved me $70.44.

And now I don’t have to dread s-l-o-o-o-w internet speeds for another six months.

2 Responses to “It Never Hurts to Ask :)”

  1. Anonymous says:

    But did you get scammed?

    Cable Internet speed is variable on how many other are using it. Did you ever think there is a reason they try to keep you paying more money? I think I have the lowest speed cox, I pay $32 and the internet is fast enough to stream youtube and netflix.

  2. admin says:

    Re: But did you get scammed?

    I didn’t get scammed…but I see your point. It works the other way too – You can also sign up for a faster internet connection, and never get the high upload speeds promised because there are too many people sharing the network. I won’t know how fast our “slow” internet is until we downgrade.

    Cox wasn’t trying to get me to pay more than their standard prices for their packages (posted both onsite and in their mailings). In the past I would have just downgraded to the lower speed and lower price…but this way, through a little negotiation, I get to keep the higher speed for about the same price as you’re paying. Works for me.

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