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Altitude, Baby

Dad finally cashed in on his skydiving gift certificate that I gave him for Christmas. We went together, and all I have to say is WOW. Pretty friggin’ indescribable. I can totally see why people go over and over. It’s a total rush. I wasn’t scared or anxious ever, not even when jumping out of the plane at 13,500ft. It was A LOT more fun than I ever thought it would be. I really liked the guy who jumped with me. His name wasJoe, and he joked around alot and made me feel totally at ease. We even landed STANDING – no grass stains!

Now I’ve checked a second life goal off my list in one year! Pretty sweet :)

Dad opted for the video and stills package, and the videographer was nice enough to get a few shots of me as well.

Here’s the full video of our experience:

Some of the more entertaining moments:  Dad giving his “Hello or Goodbye” speech; Dad telling how he’s going to take over the camera, which was followed by some raised eyebrows since it sounds like he’s talking about TAKING OVER the plane, as in hostile takeover; Dad in the fetile position as he jumps out (you’re supposed to arch your back, Dad!);  and Dad’s “Let me get my groins fixed here” comment after he lands. Just ask how his groins handled the jump next time you see him; you’re sure to get an earful. =)

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    How fun was THAT! Looks amazing, glad you enjoyed yourselves. Hey kiddo, remember I turn 50 in a year & 1 month, hehe, gonna be ready to go again by then,;)

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