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Here’s a tip that might save some homeowners money on their a/c filters.

When I got my house inspected, the inspector said that there was no need to pay for fancy filters, just get the cheap fiberglass kind and make sure to replace them every single month. I was glad to hear this. It’s already a nuisance having to replace the daggum things every month, and it can get quite costly if you’re shelling out $20 a piece for the ultra-fancy Filtrete filters. But make sure to change them out every month, since this will help reduce the load on your a/c unit and keep your electricity bills down.

I just came across an interesting thread on SlickDeals, with acomment by BikerEric, whose 30 years of experience and free appliance and HVAC advice is probably one of the best reasons to join SD. He says:

"With these "hi efficient " filters, most systems are not engineered for these. So if you use these expensive filters, you will still need to replace them monthly to save your system. You might as well buy the cheap blue fiberglass ones and throw them away every month (and I carry my masters hvac-r license)."

So there you have it. Spend 99 cents on the blue fiberglass filters, and save yourself some money, both in filter expenses and utility bills.

However, if you suffer from allergies and your air handling system can handle the more restrictive filters, there’s a deal where you can get Filtrete Dust and Pollen filters right now at Lowe’s for ~$3 each after rebate.

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