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Another birthday has come and passed. Normally, my birthday is my least favorite day of the year. For some reason, I get all mopey and depressed and generally want to hide from everyone until the day is over and I can forget about turning another year older without really accomplishing SOMETHING. You know, something huge. Something that makes my existence worthy. Like winning a nobel prize or discovering the cure to cancer. Or, you know, motherhood ;)

But you know what? This year I woke up with a smile on my face and went to sleep equally happy. Boy, was it nice for a change. I made a resolution at the beginning of the year that 2009 was going to be a kick-ass year. I didn’t know exactly how I was going to accomplish that, but I knew I was sick of moping around and not setting expectations for myself (even if they were so high that I fell flat on my face trying to achieve them). I think the one thing I’ve been missing in my life these past few years were goals…and so I made a resolution to make some goals, big and small, and go after them. I determined that, in the end, it wasn’t whether I succeeded but whether I had something to aim for and how hard I worked getting there that really makes me happy.

Well, so far, I’ve surpassed my wildest expectations. My birthday marks the just-past-halfway point, and I have a full-time job, a gorgeous house, and I have friends and family and a boyfriend that I love. Sometimes, if I think about it hard enough, the happiness just wells up inside of me and catches my breath. What an awesome feeling.

I’m happier than I can recall being in a very long time. I only hope that my 28th year of existence is equally as awesome!

Here are five random things that I’m grateful for, big and small:

1) Friends and family. I appreciate all the birthday wishes, cards, emails, and support I’ve received this past month and every single day for that matter! I love you guys!

2) Organized cupboards. I’ve officially unpacked all my kitchen boxes. And with all this newfound space, I get to have some luxuries – like a cupboard designated for all my baking supplies! No more rummaging around the pantry to find ingredients. Look how neat and organized it is! Looking inside this cupboard makes me giddy. Yes, I get turned on by organized cupboards.

3) Everything has its space. Speaking of designated space, my cutting boards now have their VERY OWN DRAWER. This is something that has plagued me in every single place I’ve lived in. I don’t like leaving the cutting boards out, cluttering the counters or behind the sink, and bending down to get them out of the cupboard every single time I need them is such a massive pain in the you know what.

Also, my Le Creuset collection has its very own cupboard as well. They don’t have to sit and collect dust on top of my cabinets anymore! Although, I’m thinking of displaying one or two of them since they’re too pretty to be kept behind doors all the time.

4) Manicured lawn. I finally got my landscaper out to trim my trees and mow the lawn and make everything pretty again.  I love looking outside my living room window and seeing this site everyday. It’s so purty. One of the trees died, so I’m probably going to fill that space in the middle with another bougainvillea. They’re so vibrant and pretty, and it would make everything nice and symmetric. Symmetry is good.

The view out my living room window:


An alternative view of the backyard:

5)  Beautiful flowers. Look at this absolutely fabulous bouquet that Tony gave me for my birthday. They add such a cheery note to my kitchen.

Now I pose the question: What makes YOU happy? 

2 Responses to “Reflections of a 28-year-old”

  1. Anonymous says:

    The feeling of contentment with what you have or what you don’t have is priceless. May the rest of 2009 bring you contentment and joy.

  2. kledus says:

    you shouldjust take the doors off a cabinet and display your Le Cruset stuff that way :)

    My wife makes me happy.

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