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Get 5,000 Delta miles for attending a free Lasik exam and another 20,000 miles if you get the job done. Here is the link to schedule your free exam.

I’ve already booked my appointment for next Friday :) Although, I have absolutely no intention of getting Lasik. I like my glasses too much. I figure it’s worth taking off early from work on a Friday afternoon and showing up to Happy Hour with my eyes dilated. From this flyer talk thread it looks like a relatively painless 90-minute appointment. Even people with 20/20 vision are going.

I wasn’t able to take advantage of the last Delta promotion for a free hair loss consultation, although now I’m sort of wishing I did….20,000 airline miles is A LOT. And now, I have a valid reason to get my baldness checked out. Tony has given me a complex FOR NO GOOD REASON and I’d have no problem marching in there and pointing out my so-called bald spots and asking if there’s anything they could do for me. Thanks babe.

Also, if you have some frequent flyer miles stacked up, or are otherwise looking for an exotic change of scenery, you might want to take advantage of this 99-hour sale for a hotel in Bermuda. Rates at the Fairmont Southhamptom are $99 a night for rooms that are typically $359. Book a room here.

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