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If you haven’t used your digital TV converter box coupons yet, go here to get the converter box for free, with free standard shipping.

Make sure you check the box below it that says "Buy It Together" to get the Mygica Digital TV Antenna for free as well. Follow the instructions on the lower part of the page and remember to use coupon code: digital40off if you’re buying one, and digital80off for 2.

I just ordered two, and the final price came out to $0 for two boxes and two antennae.

Better than paying $20 for each box in the store.

I won’t say under whose influence I ordered these, but I’m sure you can guess. *cough* Tony *cough*

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  1. Anonymous says:


    I got my box with the coupon in December and had to pay like $20-40 with the coupon and it worked great. I recently sold it for $20 bucks off criagslist so it worked out pretty well for me, but I had to buy the antenna.


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