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I just got back from Sears Appliance Outlet at the Arizona Mills mall, and I was pretty excited to see the Fisher & Paykel washer and dryers there for 25% off sticker price. There were some scratch and dent floor models, but most were new in box for the same price. Much better than paying full price at Lowe’s. I just need to do a little more research to figure out whether I want the more expensive IWL16 or the cheaper GWL15.

Not only will I be getting a good deal on a brand new set, but I will qualify for a $50 appliance rebate through SRP for buying a super-efficient washer. If you purchase and install a qualifying washer from May 1 to Sept. 30, 2009, you can receive a $50 rebate for CEE Tier 1 washers and $75 rebate for CEE Tier 2 or higher washing machines. The two models of Fisher and Paykel at the Sears Outlet store are both CEE Tier 1 washers.

SRP is also giving $20 rebates for purchasing and installing CEE Tier 2 dishwashers.

Also, recycle your refrigerator or freezer and get a $30 rebate. SRP account holders are limited to recycling two appliances per account per year. Appliances must be on the SRP account premises, clean, empty and in working condition (plugged in) at the time of pickup.

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