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So, I have a birthday coming up. At least that’s what the piles of birthday freebies in the mail keep telling me. "Celebrate with us! It’s your Birthday!" It’s a good thing they reminded me, or else I’d never know.

And I just found a cookbook I really must have.

I know, I know. I say that about all cookbooks. But, you know, I only mention the cookbooks I really must have. The truth is, I have very selective filters for purchasing cookbooks. Otherwise, I’d have no room for furniture. I’d probably have to sleep on a pile of cookbooks. *grins*

Really, how perfect is this for me? I think it would look lovely in my shiny new kitchen. Which just happens to be located across the street from a Trader Joe’s. Ahhhhh I love you Trader Joe’s. And your bountiful supply of cheap wine.

Now Hannah, go discuss with Mom or someone so I don’t end up getting doubles. Teeheehee.

P.S. A few Trader Joe’s blogs that I’ve found extremely useful (in case you shop there as frequently as I do):

Jason’s Wine Blog:  Great resource! I love Jason’s top ten Trader Joe’s wine lists. I found out about the Chariot Gypsy, got a couple bottles FOR FIVE DOLLARS SO CHEAP OMG, loved it, and went back to the store to pick up an entire case, and they were all out already! Sigh. Oh well, I’ve moved on to my newest favorite, the Le Petit Trader Joe’s Reserve Cabernet Franc. At $5.99, it’s a very good deal as well. And I do love me some cab franc.

Cooking with Trader Joe’s: Based off the cookbook, I just found this today. I look forward to picking up some helpful tips.

Now time for a true story about Trader Joe’s.

While shopping in TJ’s yesterday, I learned that they sell frozen avocado halves. Four in a box, for something like $2.29.  You just pop out a half of an avocado and thaw it and leave the rest in the freezer. Perfect in a pinch when you can’t find any ripe avocados, or for leaving in the freezer for those avocado emergencies (c’mon, don’t tell me you don’t have those, like, every single day). It is kind of cool that you can use just one half without the other half going bad. Or being a glutton and consuming it right there on the spot.  

I totally didn’t plan on making this entire post about my love affair with Trader Joe’s. But somehow, I just did :)

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Thanks for the mention!

    So glad you find my blog useful! Just to turn the tables next visit I am buying the TJ’s Le Petit Cab Franc on your recommendation :) Almost got it last trip but couldn’t figure out what the heck Le Petit (was thinking Sirah) had to do with Cab Franc…



  2. admin says:

    Re: Thanks for the mention!

    Glad you stopped by Jason! I look forward to reading your review of the Le Petit Cab Franc. :)

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