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Rockin’ Credit

I just received my credit scores from the three Credit Bureaus (as part of my pre-approval application).

It looks like it has been long enough since my experiment with credit card arbitrage (borrowing large sums at 0%APY to earn 6% in the bank), as my score has significantly improved since my last credit pull.  An increase of over 50 points! Good time to be house shopping =)

The number one reason for the “less than perfect” scores? Too many accounts. I can live with that, if it means I still have a score above 800 ;)

Transunion: 789
Experian: 797
Equifax: 804

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  1. […] like this. I’ve applied (and been approved) for well over 30 credit cards now, and I still had an 800 credit score rating as of last July. The effect on your credit score per credit card application is a minimal 2-5 […]

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