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Pictures of the House

This month seems eternally long! My closing date is still set for July 14th. I plan on being completely moved out of my current place by July 31st. I’ve chosen my lender after much deliberation (Quicken Loans), rode out one of the most volatile weeks in the stock market, locked in my 30yr fixed loan interest rate at 4.99%, and had my inspection on Monday. Not to mention had one of the most hectic work weeks ever last week – the sump pump stalled in one of my rooms, backing up chemical into all the CDMs (chemical distribution modules) on that drain line and shutting them down. That means we stopped flow of ALL developer to the litho tools for a good four hours. It’s pretty hard to shut down an entire litho fleet, but somehow we did it. During the investigation, we also found that 90% of the drain lines were clogged with a white solid, which is the ammonium hydroxide reacting with the calcium in the city water. Our water is so hard here in Phoenix, it causes all sorts of problems. We got to boroscope the lines, and then we had to pull in emergency contractors to replace the p-traps. Fun times in the factory.

I’ve begun appliance shopping and already found a smoking deal on a stainless steel Maytag refrigerator and Bosch dishwasher in Fountain Hills. $900 for the pair! The fridge is a wide-by-side model, which means it’s wider on the fridge side on the top, so you can fit pizza boxes, cookie sheets, etc; things you would normally have a hard time fitting in a side-by-side fridge. Plus, I get to sell the current dishwasher that is in the house (a Frigidaire Professional Series). It was installed by the builder, so it’s brand new and will help offset the cost of the other appliances. I read the reviews of the Frigidaire, and was not impressed at all. It seems to have fires and flooding problems quite often, so I was looking for a more reliable, (yet used) model on Craigslist. The old saying "Seek and ye shall find" was definitely the case here. I typed in what I wanted on Craiglist, and voila! A brand new listing that day!

Did I mention how excited I am to be getting a Bosch dishwasher? I’ve always heard how quiet the Bosches are, and they look pretty sleek too. I never thought I’d get this giddy over appliances ;) Plus the deal hunter in me is getting a kick out of it. Mako is gifting me with a new washer/dryer set for my birthday/housewarming gift, and for choosing her as my realtor. I’m having fun looking at all the different models. So far, I think I’m going to go with a Fisher and Paykel. I’m looking at a top-loading high efficiency model. I think a top-loading dryer will be nice, too. A German dishwasher and an Australian washer and dryer. How very unAmerican of me!

The one thing I really like about the dishwasher and the washer/dryer set that I’ve been looking at is that both are very energy efficient. My water bill should thank me.

And now for some pictures. These were taken by Mako on the first day we viewed it, the day before I put my offer in.

The front yard:

From 6.11.09 My New House

The kitchen and my new domain. Staggered cabinets, nice arch, deep pantry, wide open layout overlooking the living room area. It’s not my DREAM kitchen, but it will certainly do for my first very own kitchen.

From 6.11.09 My New House

In the master bedroom. Love the French doors. Look through them, and you can see the fireplace in the backyard.

From 6.11.09 My New House

The laundry room. I love the cute white cabinets,and how big and airy it feels. The bonus room is through that door.

From 6.11.09 My New House

The bonus room. This was the most unusual part of the house for me. It’s 9×13, so rather narrow and long…and unexpected. But now very welcome. I’m thinking future gym? I’ll probably put my deep freezer in here for now, which should help cut down on electricity bills (as opposed to having it in the garage.)

From 6.11.09 My New House

The garage. Check out all the storage! And the workbench. My inspector was quite impressed with the fan – he’s never seen a garage with a fan before. Classy.

From 6.11.09 My New House

The backyard. Everyone who sees the pictures ‘ooh’ and ‘aah’ over the backyard. The extended patio is awesome, and the fireplace will be fun for entertaining. The landscaping is quite gorgeous. I’ll upload more pictures showing more of the landscape at another time. There are at least three citrus trees. Not sure if they are lemon or lime. And a million other trees. I have to find out what everything is so I can take care of it :)

From 6.11.09 My New House

Meeting my future neighbors. Seems to be a friendly and quiet neighborhood. I should fit right in :)

From 6.11.09 My New House

6 Responses to “Pictures of the House”

  1. kledus says:

    looks awesome! congrats again! I assume you have a frost free deep freeze? just keep in mind if something goes wrong (electricity goes out or something) you might ruin that carpet….now you can get a dog!

  2. admin says:

    The bonus room is linoleum…would be less inclined to store the freezer in there if it weren’t.

    And no pets!! I want to keep everything pristine and hair-free for a while. It’s so shiny and new….and the dog I’m living with is gross. She pees on the kitchen floor all the time. My OCD is really coming out…Yuck.

  3. kledus says:

    oh, cool. I didn’t look closely enough I guess.

  4. Anonymous says:


    How fun! Welcome to the world of never ending projects!

  5. Anonymous says:


    That is a beautiful house! I like the tile roof.

    -Jonathan from MyMoneyBlog

  6. admin says:

    Re: Wow

    Thank you Jonathan! I really love it so far! You should move to Phx, almost all houses have tile rooves ;)

    They’re nice…but I learned that they make your house insurance slightly higher ;) A greater fire risk than asphalt rooves somehow.

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