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Mini Update

There’s a lot going on right now! I am leaving for my EPIC RIM TO RIM TO RIM HIKE in the Grand Canyon tonight. We’ll start hiking tomorrow night at 11pm, and hopefully make it out alive before 11pm Saturday night. I’m so giddy/nervous/jittery/anxious, I can barely think straight, let alone concentrate on my work. I got to work at 6am this morning, so that’s not helping either! (Can you believe the girl who couldn’t make it to work at 8am if she tried is showing up so early?!? I have 7am meetings with Ireland on Thursdays now. Eek.)

My NEW ROOMMATES show up tomorrow. I won’t be here to welcome them, unfortunately. They are brothers, they hail from Florida, and they are freshly graduated with engineering degrees. One is working at Intel; I know him from a past internship. So that should make for some exciting new times. And a cramped house. They are bringing their 8-lb dog, Isabella. I’ve met her before, and she was pretty sweet. I just realized this will be the first time I lived with a dog since high school. And Lucky was a mean old dog, (sorry Brooks), so he barely counts. And before that, I haven’t lived with a dog since Bozo, which was when I was like eleven. This cat woman is welcome to a change. I just hope she doesn’t yap too much. The little dogs next door are annoying yappers.

I officially started my FULL TIME job on Monday. I’m doing exactly what I was doing before, only now I’m not getting intern pay. So yay me. It was so nice going back to work and being around people. Being cooped up writing for several weeks was so not fun.

And next week, I have my two GRADUATION CEREMONIES! I picked up my tickets to see Obama yesterday. That will be pretty sweet! I’m also looking forward to hanging out with my family :)

That’s all for now! Lots of major milestones this month.

P.S. Happy early Mother’s Day to my respective mothers and grandmothers :) I will be thinking of you from the Grand Canyon!

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