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Graduation Day #1

I really enjoyed the ASU General Commencement ceremony on Wednesday, as you can tell by watching the following video (you can see me at 1:20, really getting into Obama’s speech.) You can also see the back of my head at 0:32 (I’m the fifth one over).

Commencement 2009 from ASUF Admin on Vimeo.

I arrived on the field really early, so I got to sit in the front row of the Master’s section. Little did I know that I was also sitting literally 10 feet away from the camera boom. I ended up on the big screen twice, and now in this video posted on the ASU website. Pretty cool :)

I loved how Obama took ASU’s snubbing (not giving him an honorary degree) and poked fun with some good jokes, and then turned that into the theme of his entire speech – "Don’t stop adding to the body of your work." Even the President is never done adding to his list of achievements, or building a sound body of work. Don’t rest on your past accomplishments, but strive to go forward and make a difference. Really inspiring.

I still think he’s worthy of an honorary degree for his past accomplishments alone, even if he has yet to "prove" himself as President.

Oh well.

You can read the transcript of his speech here.

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