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From 4.18.09 Arizona Trail Passage #18

Yup, that’s a rattler. You can click on the photo for a larger view. We had an exciting encounter with this guy on our hike this weekend on the Arizona Trail. I scared the dickens out of him (the feeling was mutual, believe me) as he was crossing the path, and he recoiled into striking position on the side of the road. It then decided to continue its journey across the path, and we had no choice but to wait for it to disappear into the bushes.

Tony is immensely more tech-savvy than me, and he is learning lots of cool tricks on the GPS. One of the cool things you can do is upload your trip into Google Earth. Here is a screenshot of one part of our trip. You can see our path veer off the trail near the rattlesnake sighting (click to enlarge). It looks like we even ran in circles a little bit. Funny.

From 4.18.09 Arizona Trail Passage #18

We hiked most of what is called Passage #18. We started at the Picketpost Trailhead (just east of mile marker 221 on US-60), and followed the AZ trail for 13.7 miles (27.4 miles round trip). We turned around just before the switchbacks on the Reavis Canyon Trail going up Montana Mountain. This is where the trail turns crazy steep, and we were going for length over elevation on this particular hike. Plus, we kind of wanted to make it back before dark.

We went through Whitford Canyon, which is really a very pretty little area with several stream crossings. We did not see the elusive Gila Monster that I was hoping to see, but we did see a cardinal, a deer, several bunny rabbits, some hummingbirds, and of course the rattlesnake. Also, the wildflowers were still in bloom and the bees were all abuzz (much to Tony’s chagrine – he likes to break into spasming sprints when he hears buzzing sounds, which causes me to go into uncontrollable fits of laughter. I’m such a caring, understanding girlfriend! I think he and my grandma S. would get along marvelously when it comes to fear of swarming bees…)

We were really booking it for most of the trail. We finished all 27.4 miles in just under 12 hours. We had several lengthy stops, so our overall average was 2.2mph but our moving average was 3mph. This is my longest hike to date, and I’m feeling pretty good after it.

You can view the rest of our photos from the trip here.

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