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New Favorite Food Blog

Michele Humes, one of my favorite food writers, has created a new blog which I MUST share with you. If you’ve ever lived in the South, or been to the South, or dreamed of eating Southern food, then cruise on over to Georgia on My Thighs (the name alone makes me giggle). Michele was raised in Hong Kong, went to college in Russia, attended French culinary school, and now lives in NY with her southern boyfriend and is attempting to cook her way through The Lady & Sons Savannah Country Cookbook by Paula Deen. I’ve actually eaten at Paula’s restaurant in Savannah, Georgia (prior to her Food Network fame), and I own the cookbook so I’m rather excited about Michele’s new project.

Michele really is a literary genius when it comes to food. I’m transported to my high school english days every time I read one of her posts (in a good way – and this time it involves food!) I’ve always loved classical writing, and to see it paired with food is a treat. She also has a knack for making the ugliest of foods look appealing (and I’m truly a sucker for good food photography).

Oh, and she shares my absolute distaste for the overly sweet, overly hyped, inappropriately named "Better than Sex Cake." Or, as my sister affectionately calls it "Better than Christmas Cake." Sorry Hannah, it’s not you, it’s the recipe. Gross.

2 Responses to “New Favorite Food Blog”

  1. Anonymous says:

    I agree

    They had several Better than Sex cakes at a wedding I went to. And no one thought they were that…. great. They were go, but not better than Sex…. So I hear :-P

  2. admin says:

    Re: I agree

    Yeah, what’s funny, is with all the hype, you just assume it’s going to be something amazing. It’s such a letdown when it’s not…now, give me death by chocolate, and I’m in heaven ;)

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