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My alternate post title would have been: My Calves are Growing and My Thighs Are Shrinking!

I pulled out the measuring tape this morning, to see where I stand on Heather’s grand fitness scale. I’d rate myself, oh, a C+, maybe a B-.

I haven’t been working out religiously, but I have been hiking 20+ mile hikes the past few weekends and squeezing a few days of cardio on the treadmill throughout the week. I’m training for a 44-mile hike in the Grand Canyon on May 8th, which explains why I’ve been doing all these crazy long hikes. It’s also given me a fitness goal to work towards, without going psycho over my daily exercise or calorie consumption. For once.

I’ve noticed my jeans are all fitting nice and loose, so I knew my thighs and butt had shrunk. The last time I measured myself (and when I fell off my last fitness routine) was in February. Turns out, my thighs are down a 1/2 inch since my February measurements, and one whole inch since my January measurements. And my butt has shrunk too – though not as drastically. My saddlebags are visibly diminished, which is a very very good thing.

My weight is not the lowest it’s been in the past year (I weighed in at 161 this morning), which is why I’d give myself the C+. My waist and abs and midsection are a little higher than February’s measurements also – which usually is the FIRST thing to lean out when I train, so I’m thinking with a few weeks of high intensity cardio, I’ll be able to easily cut out some inches of midsection mush.

Not surprisingly, my calves are the only other noticeable change. My left calf measured in at 16.75 inches (and this was not flexed, heh). That’s a good 0.25 inches more than they’ve ever been, and 0.75 inches greater than my leaner calf days. Yikes. I’m hoping they’re still swollen from yesterday’s hike ;) Seriously, though, I don’t mind - what looks better under jeans, thunder thighs or thunder calves?

These results are kind of new to me. Historically, my thighs and butt have always been my problem areas in terms of toning up/losing inches. Usually, after about four weeks of serious training (usually weight lifting and intense cardio), I lean up EVERYWHERE else, mostly from the waist up, before I even start to notice any change in my butt or thighs. And even then I’m usually SQUEEZING the measuring tape together, begging for an 1/8 inch loss. So, now, I can look forward to going into my next fitness program with leaner legs and see what happens from there. I’m thinking after graduation will be a good time to start. Watch, my thighs will bulk back up from the running. Knowing my luck, they will. Thanks for the thunder thigh genes, ma.

Funny, somewhat related story. Tony mentioned this weekend that in the beginning he noticed how white my legs were (shocking), and that they were strong. I have mixed feelings about that. On one hand, it’s the truth. On the other, strong and sexy conjure up two entirely different images :-P

That should be my Indian name. She with strong, white legs.

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  1. kledus says:

    I think that’s what Ayesha means isn’t it?

  2. admin says:

    Maybe in your alternate universe ;)

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