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I absolutely abhor writing papers. I usually find anything and everything to do other than write. So, I’m giving myself some incentives to keep myself focused and on track to graduation. 

Here are all the things I get to look forward to ONCE I GRADUATE:

  • First and foremost: a $20K pay increase
  • Full-time employee status with 100% benefits
  • I can start saving for retirement at long last (401K)
  • My weekends and evenings will be 100% FREE!! Yippeee!
  • A normal 8-5 working schedule with a full night’s sleep
  • Time to get in kick ass shape
  • I’ll never have to use my vacation days for schoolwork again.
  • I can cook every single day. Or at least as often as I have willing eaters!
  • If I feel like lounging in bed and watching movies all day, I won’t feel guilty for not doing my homework.
  • I can have more time to post. And search for deals. And plan wicked trips.
  • No more being referred to as THE INTERN

One Response to “Reasons to Get My Butt in Gear”

  1. Anonymous says:

    All good reason

    But why are you writting this and not working on your paper :)

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