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This deal is especially for my father, who’s turning the big 5-0 this year (wow, that really makes me feel old) and my grandparents who celebrated their big 5-0 anniversary earlier this year.

Are you turning 50 in 2009? Or maybe you’re celebrating your 50th wedding anniversary. If so, you’re in luck–you are eligible for a FREE train ride from Williams, AZ to Grand Canyon National Park. Turns out THEY are celebrating their own 50th anniversary and decided to pass along a deal for anyone else celebrating, too. You do have to ride within 7 days of your birthday. You can ride anytime in the year if you’re celebrating your 50th anniversary. Since a ride normally costs $70, you can save and have fun, too. Wow, this is a potential $210 savings for my family alone!  

You can read more about the deal right here. Pass the news along to anyone born or married in the year 1959.

Via phoenixonthecheap.com

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