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It’s been three weeks since I began WSFL, and I’ve lost 8 lbs and 16.25 inches. The most noticeable improvements this week were my abdomen and my midsection (2” below my belly button). I’ve lost 4 inches total in my abs(!!), and 2.5 inches in my midsection. What does this mean? It means my hourglass shape is getting more pronounced, and my muffin top is slowly shrinking! My belt has also gone up a notch, and my face is noticeably leaner.

Here’s a side view showing the progress so far (left to right:  Week 0 to Week 3):

This week I was so horribly sleep deprived from two straight weeks of midterms, projects and homework assignments all AFTER working a full 8-5 day, that I didn’t make it to the gym as often as I would have liked. I also had a few more bites of cake than necessary, but for the most part, I ate pretty clean. I don’t even miss soda pop or coffee or fast food. Yesterday I slept from 2am to 8:30pm, so I pretty much missed out completely on both eats and exercise. But OMG, did I feel good when I woke up. I can’t remember ever sleeping 16 hours before, but I desperately needed it.

Here are some of my measurements:

  Waist Abdomen Midway Hips Bust
Week 0  29.5 33.5 37 44.75 36.75
Week 1 29.25 33.25 37 44.75 35.75
Week 2 28 30.75 35.625 43.5 34.5
Week 3 27.5 29.5 34.5 42.875 34.5


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