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I just attended an inspirational talk given by Matt Hoover, who some of you (*cough cough* Brooks) may know as the winner of the 2nd season of the famous TV show "The Biggest Loser." Now, I’ve never seen the show in my life, and I had never heard of Matt before seeing posters all around Intel advertising his talk. I pretty much went to get out of work and to hopefully win an autographed copy of his book so I could give it to my stepmom who’s the BIGGEST FAN of The Biggest Loser. With 30 copies being given away and 50-60 people in the audience, chances were pretty good. Of course, I didn’t win. (Sorry Brooks). But I’m glad I attended anyway.

As it turns out, he was a pretty funny and straightforward kind of guy, and a lot of what he had to say could be applied to any big decision in your life — whether it be losing weight, getting control of your finances, changing jobs, starting a family, asking for a raise, etc.

Some of the key takeaways:

  • It’s easy to be comfortable with where you’re at, even if you’re miserable. We’ve all been there. But complacency could kill you. (This one really hit home for me. I know there’s times when I’ve been downright miserable, but I was so afraid of change that I didn’t do anything about it. If Matt had been complacent and not gone on the show, he probably would have had a heart attack by now.)
  • CHANGE! No one can make the decision to change but you. You can’t do it for your kids, your husband/wife, your friends, or your dog. It has to be a decision you make for yourself.
  • Sometimes you think you have more to lose than you do. Matt almost didn’t go on the Biggest Loser because he didn’t want to leave his family & friends behind. He thought "How will they go out drinking every weekend without me?" His dad had to set him straight by telling him "JUST WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE? That our lives won’t go on without you here all the time?" So he went on the show, won $250,000, lost 157 pounds, has kept 100 of it off over 3 years, met his wife on the show and now has two kids. As it turns out, he didn’t have a whole lot to lose, other than his drinking reputation. But he had everything to gain. Incidentally, he’s quit drinking since being on the show, and as a result had to get a whole new subset of friends who understands the "new and improved" Matt.
  • How’s your present? Until you let go of your past, you can’t enjoy the present. Matt used to be an NCAA wrestling champion at the University of Iowa and was still living in the past. If only he hadn’t let himself go, he could have gone to the Olympics. Once he came to terms with his past and let it go, he was able to embrace the present. Hefound out that there were so many better things to life than wrestling – namely being a father and having a family and being a motivational speaker. He now coaches wrestling and tells his athletes to work hard and enjoy what they’re doing now, but there’s so much more beyond wrestling and just being a top-notch athlete.
  • Lastly, Matt pointed out that often times it’s not our fear of failure, but our fear of success that holds us back. Think about it. If we apply for that new job, or ask for that raise, or lose 10 lbs, or change career paths, there’s the chance of success – which will all bring higher expectations and more responsibilities.

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