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Equifax is giving out your FICO credit score for free based on your Equifax credit report. No credit cards required, and you don’t have to sign up for trials that you have to cancel later. 100% free! And since your credit score is so very important, why wouldn’t you want to know it?

Last time a free FICO score was being given out, I was too late seeing the offer and wasn’t one of the first 10,000. I was totally bummed. Not this time though!

I got a relatively low score (by my standards) of 748. But, thats pretty durn good considering I’ve got over $20,000 in credit card arbitrage (money borrowed at 0% interest for a year to earn 6% interest in the bank.)

Of course, if I ever want to buy a house or anything,I just need to pay these off within a year of doing so and my score should jump up a bit and put me in the nice 760+ range, which would qualify me for the lowest loan interest rates. Right now, I’m at the second highest tier in terms of credit, second lowest in terms of interest rates.

Of course, I could always NOT buy a house and continue to rent, and then save that money (the downpayment and equivalent difference between mortgage payment and rent) and invest it instead. Then if I ever do want to settle (say at retirement – which I hope to be early!), I can pay cash outright for a house. That sounds like a crazy idea (everyone else has a house, why wouldn’t YOU!?!), but gosh, saving hundreds of thousands of dollars in interest on the mortgage sounds kind of smart to me. That option is looking more and more tantalizing, as the economy continues to take a dive. It would also keep me more mobile in the event of a job loss. One of my friends just got a new job in Washington D.C., and will have to walk away from his beautiful home in AZ. It’s either that, or stay here and go bankrupt.

So yeah, being without a home sounds pretty nice right now. Ask me again when I have kids ;)

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I am bummed…..missed it this time. I probably was 10,001 or something like that.

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