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I’m tired of trying to choke down chalky egg white protein powder. Any egg white protein that isn’t chalky usually has some chemical additive to make it mix with water better, which defeats my whole purpose of trying to go as natural as possible. Sigh. Worse yet, many protein powders add some type of artificial sweetener, to which I’m SUPER DUPER sensitive. Even stevia, which is supposed to be a natural sweetener, gives me acute headaches.

I’m taking the plunge and trying a new non-egg white protein powder. I normally avoid all whey or casein or soy proteins since they cause me extreme bloating and gas. But Maggie over at Caustic Musings who has similar chemical sensitivities and lactose intolerance has raved about Dymatize Elite for a while now. She says it tastes great and mixes well! Let’s hope I can tolerate the stuff.

Currently you can get a 5lb tub of Dymatize Elite for $30.95 at fitrx.com with free shipping if you use the code: FALL2008. 

That’s a ton of protein at a heckuva price. I’ve been waiting for a deal to jump. Just in time too, because I’m down to the last few tablespoons of my current supply. All the Dymatize flavors seemed so inviting. I normally go with vanilla since it’s so versatile, but I got rich chocolate this time.

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