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Just checking in…

This weekend was a doozy. I thank my mom for coming up today to help me get through it emotionally :) Love you mom! Other things I can feel happy about:

  • I got loads and loads of laundry done – something I haven’t had time to do in weeks.
  • My landscaper guy came over and beautifully trimmed my bush so now I can actually park in the driveway. He also took care of the jungle in the backyard. It was most definitely worth waking up at 7am on a Saturday morning.
  • My roommate helped clean the living room last week (pretty shiny clean wood floor, yay!). So now practically every room in my house is clean and I can breathe a little easier just being in all this cleanness (seriously).
  • My mom helped me fix my toilet! My floater ball thingie had rusted out last week, and my landlord came over and fixed it. He went ahead and replaced all the inner workings since they were all pretty corroded. Turns out when he replaced the plug, the chain was too long so it kept getting stuck and the toilet would run and run and run until I jiggled the handle. This was annoying and had never been a problem before. My mom simply shortened the chain so it didn’t get tangled around the lever – and voila! The plug forms a perfect seal every time now.
  • My mom also helped me de-sporify my bathroom. Spores had been growing in all the cracks and crevices of my shower door, and mold started to grow underneath my bath mat, so she took some bleach to it and now they’re dead spores! yay! I did get some bleach on my dress in the process, which wasn’t such a yay moment.
  • I started off Restaurant Week with a bang! I took my mom out to dinner at The Roaring Fork in Scottsdale, and I have a little pot belly right now to prove it. Three courses was waaaay too much food. I was stuffed after the appetizers. Plus now I have at least two night’s worth of dinners from the leftovers. And I didn’t even eat all of my chocolate molten brownie! Sacrilege! Granted, I don’t have much of an appetite these past couple days…but there was a lot of food. Some highlights: Ah-MAZING Green Chile Pork Stew, out-of-this-world bacon & green chile biscuits, and I caught mom moaning once or twice over the creme brulee.
  • Oh, and I went one whole day without a nose bleed. After a week filled with nose bleeds, this is indeed a blessing. It’s time to look into changing my medication.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I REALLY want more green chile stew, & creme brulee, yummmmmmmmm!!!!
    Love you bunches Sweetie!!!

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